Retirement In Panama Is Getting Better

December 25, 2013
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Experience Panama City Beach, Florida

This new green space has reinvented downtown Panama City life. A new highway has opened connecting Panama City with the countrys Caribbean coast at Colon. The international airport is undergoing a mammoth expansion, and a new international airport has opened to service the countrys key beach resorts outside the capital. New roads, shopping malls, hospitals and health care centers Panama are being developed not only in Panama City but across the country, meaning retirement in Panama is becoming easier and better supported all the time. Kathleen Peddicord is the founder of the Live and Invest Overseas publishing group .

(AP) It will be a special holiday season for 10 foster care children in Floridas Panhandle. During a ceremony at the Juvenile Justice Courthouse in Panama City on Friday, the children were officially adopted by their forever families. The News Herald of Panama City ( ) reports adoptions took place as part of the Life Management Centers Home for the Holidays adoption event. The Life Management Center is a local partner of the Department of Children and Families and Big Bend Community Based Care. It offers family counseling and adoptions in several north Florida counties. The agency says there are currently 31 children awaiting adoption in north Florida.

Panama City revival

We're experiencing a few technical issues. Try again By submitting you agree to our Terms of Service Your Take contributions have not been reviewed for accuracy by USA TODAY. Contributors agree to our Terms of Service and are responsible for the content of their videos and photos. Please report any content that violates the terms. Experience Panama City Beach, Florida Chelle Koster Walton, Special for USA TODAY 2:48 p.m. EST December 21, 2013 SHARE 8 CONNECT 4 TWEET COMMENTEMAILMORE During spring break, the streets, hotels, and 27 miles of beach are crammed with coeds gone wild.

UPDATE 1-Panama's economy grew 8.9 percent in third quarter from a year ago

It also offers great tapas, reflecting Panamanian and world cuisine. Adjacent to Tantalo is one of Casco's nicest boutique hotels, Casa Sucre. This former monastery also has one of the best coffee shops in town. Owners Rich and Alyce Sherman, both native Californians who spent 25 years in Kansas City, Mo., before moving to Panama, also are Casco pioneers. Like Landau, they have put in a lot of sweat equity to help bring the district back to life, starting with renovation of Casa Sucre in 2005.

Arthur Porter perp walk in Panama was surreal

"We have the numbers to support a team and, as long as we do, we want our school to represent itself." Panama's decision not to merge comes one week after Clymer made its predicament known at its own board meeting. According to the Dec. 9 agenda, the Clymer program will be forced to combine with at least one other school program because the division in which it competes, the Section 6 DD class, will become nonexistent after this school year. "If we are going to have a football team next year, we are going to have to combine," Lictus said. Lictus said the Clymer board agreed to enter into discussions with Panama and Sherman, as Clymer has successfully arranged multiple shared sports agreements with the districts, including: golf, cross-country, track and JV football. "With respect to (varsity) football, what the board has decided to do is proceed with a merged program with any school that wants to merge within the Panama/Clymer/Sherman group.

Panama City: Ten Foster Kids Get Families

The worldwide economic slowdown has dampened trade through the canal and ports, partly due to site a delay in the waterway's expansion, now expected to finish by mid-2015. That persuaded shippers such as Danish oil and shipping group A.P. Moller-Maersk to use alternative routes from Asia such as the Suez Canal, which fits bigger ships carrying more goods cheaply. The sluggish canal and port activity that has defined the year continued in the third quarter, dropping about 2 percent. Panama's economy has also been affected by a dispute with two of its biggest trading partners, Colombia and Venezuela, which has disrupted Panama's Colon Free Trade Zone, the world's largest duty-free area after Hong Kong. Venezuelan traders David owe the free trade zone about $1.2 billion because of difficulties exchanging the Venezuelan bolivar for dollars.

Panama Football To Remain Independent; Clymer Seeks Partner

Maybe the money was in Panama, too. But when I showed up at the detainee processing centre in Panama City, I never expected to see the man himself. In the most surreal perp walk I have ever witnessed, Porter, in blue Bermuda shorts and flip flops, an oxygen tube through his nose, was escorted in handcuffs from a makeshift medical clinic at one end of a parking lot to his cell at the other, all for the benefit of three reporters. We were told to hide out of view of the clinic window, lest Porter, like a groundhog, return inside to avoid the cameras. The resulting video clip, in less than a minute, chronicles the downfall of a proud man who once hobnobbed with senators and CEOs on his way to a cell in Panamaas notorious La Joya prison. But Porteras image continued to suffer the next day, at least in my eyes. If a man is judged by the company he keeps, this one was guilty.

Panama Canal: happy birthday to the 'big ditch'

You need a sense of adventure, a sense of humour and patience, said Dauntless as we awaited the tide to rise for the villagers boats to collect us. Embera men, their bodies covered with nothing more than skimpy thongs and an inky dye crushed from genip berries, led us to a clearing on the edge of the 21st century. Wooden houses, under mops of thatch, were raised high off the ground on stout posts. Ladders of notched logs led up to their doors. Women, bare-breasted, and wearing vivid cotton skirts, pounded corn with a giant pestle.

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